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Sunny Guo 
TEL:+86 0592-5321698

About us
Amikon focuse on control systems, from legacy to leading edge.
 We have a large inventory of high quality, surplus control system parts. We also distribute many new hardware and software products to help supporting your existing control systems or utilize the latest control technology. We have experienced staff, extensive test facilities and we can provide 1-year warranty for all of our surplus parts.
Our advantages products:
We major in ABB DCS Foxboro DCS, Honeywell DCS?Westinghouse Ovation DCS?Emerson DeltaV, Bently Nevada, Rockwell Automation, Siemens? Rockwel CPU, Moore APACS, Moore Panel Controllers, Siemens Iskamatic, Schneider PLC, Quantum, Quanten 140CPU,GE Fanuc 90/30,90/70 ,Invensys Triconex DCS, FOXBOROI/A MOTOROLA MVME,? Siemens and another listed manufacturers. 
Looking forward to your enquiries.

1.Allen-Bradley(USA AB)Series
2.Schneider(Schneider Electric)Series
3.General electric(General Electric)Series
4.Westinghouse Series
5.SIEMENS Series
6.Bosch Rexroth?Indramat, I/O module,PLC controller, Driver Module
7.Westinghouse? OVATION System, WDPF System, MAX1000 system spare parts
8.Siemens?Siemens MOORE, Siemens Simatic C1, Siemens CNC system.
9.Invensys Triconex: Redundant fault-tolerant control system, Most modern fault-tolerant controller based on Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR) architecture.

Allen Bradley Latest News
July 11, 2018
Rockwell Automation Increases Fiscal Year 2018 Share Repurchase Target to $1.5 Billion

July 9, 2018
New Field Controller Provides Simplified, Cost-Effective Solution for DC Retrofit Applications

1734IV2 1734-IV2 POINT I/O 2 Point Digital Input Module
1734IV4 1734-IV4 POINT I/O 4 Point Digital Input Module
1734IV8 1734-IV8 POINT I/O 8 Point Digital Input Module
1734OA2 1734-OA2 POINT I/O 2 Point Digital Output Module
1734OA4 1734-OA4 POINT I/O 4 Point Digital Output Module
1734OB2 1734-OB2 POINT I/O 2 Point Digital Output Module
1734OB2E 1734-OB2E POINT I/O 2 Point Digital Output Module
1734OB2EP 1734-OB2EP POINT I/O 2 Point Digital Output Module
1734OB4 1734-OB4 POINT I/O 4 Point Digital Output Module
1734OB4E 1734-OB4E POINT I/O 4 Point Digital Output Module
1734OB8 1734-OB8 POINT I/O 8 Point Digital Output Module

1747-L551 1756-L61
1747-L552 1756-L62
1747-L553 1756-L63
1756-RM 1756-L64
1756-RM2 1756-L71
1757-SRM 1756-L72
1785-BCM 1756-L74
1785-ENET 1756-L73
1785-L20B 1756-CNBR
1785-L20E 1756-DNB
1785-L30B 1756-EN2TR
1785-L40B 1756-ENBT
1785-L60B 1756-IF16
1786-RPFRXL 1785-L20B
1786-RPFRXL-CC 1785-L20E
1785-ENET 1785-L40B
1788-CN2DN 1785-L60L
1788-CN2FF 1785-L80B
1788-MCHKR 1785-L80C
1789-L10 1785-L80C15
1789-L30 1785-L80E
1789-L60 1785-L86B
1789-SL5 1785-M100
1789-SL51 1785-ME16
1789-SL52 1785-ME32
1784-CPCIDS 1785-ME64
1784-KTCX 1785-RC
1784-KTCX15 1756-CN2RXT
1785-BCM 1756-DHRIOXT
1785-BEM 1756-EN2TXT
1785-CHBM 1756-EN3TR
1785-ENET 1756-L55
1785-KE 1756-L55M12
1785-L11B 1756-L55M13
1785-L20B 1756-L55M14
1785-L20C15 1756-L55M16
1785-L20E 1756-L55M22
1785-L26B 1756-L55M23
1785-L30B 1756-L55M24
1785-L40B 1785-L40L
1785-L40C 1785-L46B
1785-L40C15 1785-L46C15
1785-L40E 1785-L60B